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Professional expert advice

Immigration Solutions and PEO? Contact & get it now. Immigration Solutions and PEO? Contact & get it now.

With our years of experience in as immigration consultant, we oversee and provide guidance on the application process to meet the actual requirement by finding out different options available.

Immigration consulting services

We offer professional assistance for the following immigration processes and help with services for newcomers.

Non-IMM B visa

A business visa is a temporary visa, is granted to foreign nations intend to work or or to conduct a business in Thailand.

Work permit

a foreign nation is employed in Thailand must first apply work permit under specific position with a specific employer.

Permanent residency

Become a permanent resident of Thailand by applying for and being granted a permanent visa that allows you to remain in Thailand indefinitely.

Thai citizenship

Becoming a Thai citizen for foreigner married to Thai spouse or having a child were born in Thailand.

Non-IMM O visa

For foreigners who want to bring their foreign spouse (husband or wife) and children to Thailand.

Marriage visa in Thailand

If you are a foreign national married to a Thai citizen so that you are subjected to be granted Non immigration O visa.

Retirement visa

Non-Immigrant O (short stay) or Non-Immigrant OA  (long stay) visa is issued to applicants aged over 50s who wish to retire in Thailand.

Thai elite visa

Thailand Elite Visa is a long-term vis allowing residency in Thailand along with benefits for a period from 5, 10, or 20 years depending on chosen package.

Visa extension

a Non Immigration visa holders who wish to apply long-term extensions in order to stay in Thailand.

Thai smart visa

It is a new type of visa offered to foreign experts, executives, entrepreneurs who wish to enter Thailand to work or invest.

Non Immigrant ED visa

Education visa is issued to applicants who study levels and degrees at college or university or attend an academic program or all language program.

Thailand special tourist visa

This is new special visas for tourists amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is issued to applicants who wish to enter Thailand for tourism purposes.

Everything is possible when you have the right person there to support you.

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Specialist Consultancy Services

Our other services cover all matters relating to immigration & Thai visa and so on.

BOI single window for visa&work permit system

If a foreign national carries out employment activities under direct BOI company scheme, normally the visa receiving procedure is not complicated. The existing visa can be definitively transferred to new employer and it is easy to apply new digital work permit on the same time.

Even if you will have to apply new visa at Thai Embassy and Consulate abroad, the procedure is still simplified. We need an official letter from the employer inviting the foreigner to work in Thailand. The employer shall file an invitation letter requesting on BOI single window for visa and work permit system online,  and preparing visa supporting documents as well as providing accurate information for your visa application.

To expedite the approval process we can assist and advise your HR the process of Thailand immigration service under the BOI investment promotion to ensure that your foreign workers are onboard by enjoying both short and long-term visa and work permit opportunities as well as project specific visa in order to enter Thailand.

Outsource to a PEO

When you have successfully recruited a local employee, you can start the employee onboarding process as soon as they get confirmation. We can serve as your PEO and payroll processing company in Thailand. We offer ongoing consultation and support as well as shaping compliance to to suit you with your company goals and performance objectives.

There are mandatory tax clearance and other payments that are required by local governments for employers to pay into social security.

Once a start date is established for an employee, we just gather tax and banking information from the employee to set up payroll.

We will ensure that your in-country employees have the work authorization they need to remain legally compliant. With our team’s help, you can make your expansion successful without worrying about any risks.

Let’s collaborate & work together so we will enhance business growth.

Document services

  • Filing 90-day reporting
  • Residences certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • WP 10
  • Legalization services for marriage, divorce, birth, and death certificates by Notary Public in Thailand
  • Apply Yellow Tabien Baan the house registration book

Having us on your side will help you avoid penalties and common mistakes.

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